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Some Possible Factors That Causes Headache After Eating


Having a headache after eating something is a relatively common complaint which many people suffer from. There are several reasons for having a headache after eating, a lot of them serious and some of them much less so.

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There are a number of causes for a headache after eating and listed below are just some of the possible causes of headaches after eating:

Food Triggers

There are many food triggers which could be the source of headache after eating. If you eat sweets, there is a huge likelihood you'll get a headache. Foods which trigger headaches include anything which contains the chemical tyramine like cheeses, processed meat, nuts and red wine.

Most of us suffer from migraine headaches or a sinus headache at least once in a while, but for a number of men and women, severe migraine headaches are much more than an occasional inconvenience.

Additive Triggers

When you eat foods that are rich in additives chances are you are going to have a distressing headache after eating them. You may get a headache after eating sweets as the additives cause increased blood flow to the brain and for many people, this results in a headache

"Brain Freeze"

The feeling known as "brain freeze" is a headache caused by eating cold foods or drinking cold drinks. As you take in these items, the circulation of blood to your brain is chilled giving you a short painful headache that feels like "brain freeze".

Medical condition

You may be diagnosed with a condition called Trigeminal neuralgia. This condition is characterized by severe head and face pain when you are eating. You cannot treat this condition over the counter so if you are suffering from these symptoms please get in touch with your doctor. The headaches you have with Trigeminal neuralgia may be associated with headache eye pain.

The first important thing to understand relating to migraines is that they are diverse for all victims. Though you will meet many people who suffer with migraines they can have different symptoms of migraine headaches.

If you are a diabetes sufferer there is a chance you may experience specific headaches right after eating. Diabetes headache after eating can be due to eating too much and your blood sugars rising too high, too quickly. If you are somebody who has diabetes you should watch what you eat as well as avoid too much carbohydrates. It's the starch that actually causes the headaches in people with diabetes but it's nearly impossible to avoid all starch as it is in most foods.

Headaches affect millions of people each day and cause lost productivity in the workplace. San Francisco chiropractors aid individuals who suffer by developing mobility and alignment in the neck.

Undoubtedly, if you're experiencing headaches you want to find a cure. How to treat a headache is dependent on many things. There are many different treatments from headaches so they can be divided into three groups: over the counter, home remedies as well as prescriptions:

Over the counter: there are many medications you can buy over the counter for headaches including paracetamol, aspirin and ibuprofen. There are stronger strength painkillers for which you have to consult your pharmacist personally.

Prescriptions: If you are having headaches which are considered serious enough to be called migraines you may be able to get help from your doctor. Your doctor may administer a range of treatments including anti inflammatory medication and anti-sickness medication since these headaches are often accompanied by dizziness or sickness. Consult your doctor for more advice

Home remedies: there are many home remedies for headaches. These include aromatherapy, exercise, massage and both hot and cold compress packs. When you avoid the foods which trigger headaches you've also got a chance of avoiding the pain.

If you are searching the web for natural migraine relief you will need to move forward with extreme care. Do not believe everything you read! Off of the top of your head, how many natural migraine remedies is it possible to think of?

Headaches after eating are really common problem and we have discussed their particular causes as well as their specific treatment. Nevertheless, please remember if your symptoms are severe always consult your doctor.

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